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Любопытная монета - Валюта - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от jjanchan

***UPDATE - After much trial and error, it appears this vendor has two types of items available! See below for details***

This currency is used at the ethereal vendor Ксур'иос in Dalaran.

Ксур'иос is located in Dalaran at . He can be found tucked away outside and on the left side of the Bank of Dalaran towards the back of the building (between the bank and the Antonidas Memorial).

This vendor is a reference to the online FPS game Destiny, as are many of his items (Головоломка Инграма, Рог Гьяллара, Частичка света).

Ксур'иос has two types of inventory items; some items are fixed, and are always available, but ONE item each day is a variable, randomly rotating item that will change from day to day!

Fixed Inventory

These items can be purchased from Ксур'иос at any time.

Variable Inventory

ONE of the following items will appear on Ксур'иос' inventory each day. Each day a random item appears, and therefore if you are looking for something specific, you need to check back daily.

At present, Любопытная монета is a random drop from a number of sources. Some confirmed sources include:

  • Emissary cache, from completing 4 World Quests
  • Treasure chests in the Broken Isles
  • Mythic+ Challenger's Cache
  • Normal, Heroic and Mythic dungeon bosses
  • Rare spawns in the Broken Isles
  • PvP Strongboxes

Комментарий от Grayy

Where do you get the curious coins from?

Комментарий от eschatolic

No doubt inspired by Destiny's Strange Coins.

This unusual coin is warm to the touch and vibrates gently in your hand.

Used in that game to purchase various items from the NPC Xur, Agent of the Nine.

Комментарий от NomadDC

Destiny reference :)

Комментарий от TNadal

Has anyone obtained one of these on live? I've done everything current that could drop one, and gotten a big fat zero.

Комментарий от IamaBorat

I'd like to confirm that these DO drop from normal dungeons. I just got one today after killing Wrath of Azshara in Eye of Azshara.

Комментарий от idriveby

Looted one from a: Сейф героя/champions-strongbox

Комментарий от zhul

Curious Coin dropped for me off a 5-man boss. However it seems I've encountered some bug, wondering if anyone else has.

I immediately purchased and learned enchanting pattern "Soul Fibril" after the dungeon and logged off because it was late.Logged in next day and the pattern was not in my enchanting inventory - went through the blizzard item recovery page thinking I had dropped or sold the pattern somehow but it was not there either.

Did a good inventory and bank search with no luck - interesting thing is - in my character currency tab curious coin is "learned" because you don't have currency show that you have not yet received in game at least once. So it knows I had a curious coin but the Pattern I bought has gone missing.

Spoke with a GM, he returned my missing formula and asked that it not be re-learned until a solution could be implemented. So I suggest you hold on to coins/patterns/formula etc until an official fix is posted.

Update** There was never a mention of a fix in notes (That I saw) however it appears a fix was made because my pattern has been learned for a week now.

Комментарий от quarny

Here I am thinking if I can just get 1 coin a day it'll only take 150 days for the mount... But this currency seems incredibly rare, currently closing in on 400 world quests with only 1 coin, also done many dungeons and looted all treasures\rares in every zone.

Комментарий от Thirteenera

I've been doing every single emissary quest, mythic (and tons of heroic dungeons) on 4 level 110 chars for ~15 days now (15 days on main, ~12 days on alts). My main has diplomat achi, as well as treasure hunter, and is approaching 900 world quests done.

I have so far obtained ONE coin, from an emissary cache, on my alt hunter.

At this rate (1 coin per approximately 15 days of no-life playing on 4 characters) it will take roughly 6 years for me to get the 150 coin mount.

And that is assuming that every single coin i get from now on will be on the same character, and not spread out across alts.

So yeah. Unless this gets changed soon, the 150 coin turtle will be a true heirloom mount - a mount that your kids and grandkids will finally get, and show you on their tablet when they visit you in the retirement facility.

Edit: Update 19/10/16. I now have 1 coin on my main, 2 on my alt A, and 1 on my alt B. Fun.

Комментарий от ataegina

Captain's log...stardate ... well, anyway, the beginning of the third week of the expansion.

2 mythics completed during the first week.8 mythics completed during the second week.10 mythics completed this reset (third week)A high (and unknown) number of heroics and normal dungeons cleared during the gearing up process (and then heroic spam for AP)No quests available (other than the world quests and the emerald nightmare quests - but raids are not live yet)

I've got a total of 2 coins - one each week. One of them when killing Cordana in normal Vault. A second one at the end of a mythic run. A third one might drop this reset ... somewhere. Maybe. Maybe not.

What I really want to say is that, taking the coin "drop" rate into consideration and the price of the mount, that turtle would better fly at 3100% (not a typo) speed, swim like Michael Phelps on steroids and basically solo mythic raids for me while I sleep and mail me the loot. Because there is NO WAY IN HELL you can justify spending 150 weeks of pain, getting unstealthed in Suramar and corpse running, putting up with afk dps or tanks/healers leaving an instance after "their" boss...just to get a .. turtle. It can't be just another mount, one of the 300 you've got.

Комментарий от Necromanic

I got mine from auction house.

Комментарий от joooson

1 Dropped for me off Oakheart in Darkheart Thicket on 5 man heroic.

I've done about 3 heroics a day since launch and this was my first drop.

Комментарий от Lestranger

I had never seen a Curious Coin until today. I was queued for a random heroic dungeon when I happened across Xur'ios. I had vaguely heard about the whole thing, but only then had I interacted with the vendor. Ended up in Darkheart Thicket while looking at his wares, where I got my first coin from Dresaron.

Obviously this could be an utter coincidence but I found it interesting that I didn't get my first coin (have done many many normals, heroics, some mythics, opened most of the treasure chests around the Broken Isles, killed many rares and done many emissary quests) until I had interacted with Xur'ios.

Throwing it out there, may be worth just going and looking at what he sells once just in case you can't get coins until you speak to him.

Комментарий от Jeolene

Huh... it's a thing. Two weeks into Legion launch, quested through all the story line with the exception of Suramar which is tied to world quests. Done many dungeons, both heroic and regs. Done so many world quests that I've actually been able to clear the map and today one just dropped from a Highmountain cache box thing. Am I getting a turtle? F*ck that, I got a leather love seat.


November, week 4. Just got another one. Legion has been out for three months now. Things are looking up for that turtle mount.


7.2 dropped last week, it is now one week later after launch and I only have 30. Up from 29 the week before. Pretty certain this is just a joke and the turtle is not meant to be acquired.


Just hit 50 today, 6/12/17. Think I'll skip the entire next expansion and continue to collect these coins, because that's about how long it will take to get 150. Good work there, blizz.


It is currently 9/24/17. There was a significant increase from my previous edit and I am now standing at 117. However, since the release of 7.3 it seems blizz has nerfed these into the ground to about 7.0 drop rates. I'm still doing the same things I have been since I originally made this post, but now including Argus as well and I MIGHT see 1 coin a week, if that. Before I was getting 2-5 (give or take) a week and sometimes getting two of them in the same cache. Keep up the great work, blizz.


12/6/17. As much as I can't believe if, I finally got the turtle. Now, here's the thing, I would have had it two months prior to this, but Blizz's RNG in this expansion seems very skewed and faulty. This is why we had to get world bosses on a set rotation because it would actually ignore certain bosses for certain class quests. Not only did it seem like coins were randomly buffed and nerfed, but Xurios took two months before finally having the turtle available to purchase. I announced it in trade and most people were like "who, what?". This mount was not worth the aggravation, but it's one more in the collection toward my 300.


1/28/18. Another two months and he finally had the toy available for purchase. Sad that it only lasts five mins. I have 22 left over now, not enough to buy the remaining things, but on the flip side, they're all useless anyway since we're less than a year from Battle For Azeroth. Let's hope we don't see something like this again. Ever.


5/4/18. Since I had gotten every "useful" thing from him, I decided to check one day and see that since my last entry, I now have 59 coins. I would like to point out that I have been running Antorus on Thursdays and Saturdays regularly for a few months now and I have not seen one single coin drop from any boss on any difficulty. It was my understanding that you had a better chance of getting them from raid bosses, but this does not seem to be the case. It's not a big deal, as I said, I have all the things I needed from the vendor, but it was something I just thought of.

I'm certain this will be my last update as Battle for Azeroth comes out in just a few months. Happy collecting!

Комментарий от mcburial2

The Curious Coin - the TRUE legendary item in Legion!

Комментарий от 27media

I have not one Curious Coin, not two, but EIGHT. And i'd give them all up for a legendary... RNG seems a bit touched for this toon at the moment.

Комментарий от projecteulogy

Seems like the majority are playing constantly and only having 1-2 drop since launch, while an extremely "lucky"(i use that word loosely when it comes to Blizzard) with an upwards of 20+. I'm hoping this drop rate is significantly changed. This is going to be worse than farming Skyshard's for Alani(which even when I played everyday for years I only got 1 shard..). Guess I have my 1 coin for this xpac LOL

Комментарий от DarkDei7

Dropped one in ranked 3v3.

Комментарий от Mercy469

I just got a token from winning a ranked 2v2 match

Комментарий от MyopicRhino

I know these are supposed to be rare, but I have a hard time believing that the current drop rate is intentional. Seems like most people are getting 1 per week, on average (I've only received one total, since launch). So that means:
  • 3 years to get the mount
  • 1 year to get- an item that, once a week, will give you a follower item that you probably won't need by then, or- something that should be a toy, but isn't, or- a shoulder enchant with unknown value, or- one of two items that are nice, but which usage limitations (outside, and 1 hr cooldown) prevent from having any significant value

I can't believe that putting a time gate of that magnitude in front of these items was by design

Комментарий от Huntercraft192

Just got one from vault of the wardens heroic. the eye boss, I think it was. First time since launch :P, rip mount if its this rare an item.

Комментарий от Thready

Got one from the Emerald Nightmare raid on heroic.

Комментарий от Darudes

Got one dropped from Levantus in Azsuna during WQ.

Комментарий от lycanthropic

Been playing every day since Legion dropped, between 2 and 6 hours a day... on day 35, I finally got one from a

Комментарий от Loredalso

I've been playing since Legion dropped, and I have yet to see even one of these coins drop from anything, anywhere, under any circumstances. Are we sure there isn't something specific needed to unlock them?

Комментарий от ChrisAKAPiefish

Over a month and still not a single coin has dropped. Blizzard needs to change the drop rate on these, getting that mount is near impossible.

Edit: 2 months into legion and I get my first coin. So if I average 2 months I can get the mount in about 25 years...

Edit 2: These are dropping a lot faster on Argus. Emissary chests drop multiples of these and killing bosses in hard Invasion portals have a chance to drop these.

Комментарий от Eonarion

One just dropped for me from the Class Hall Cache (from a mythic+ lvl 2 run) after a weekly restart

Комментарий от Wyo1

Blizzard not only reduced the total amount of available new mounts in legion (compared to wod) , they seem to have to raise the chance to get these coins, otherwise this item will be near impossible to achieve...

Комментарий от Triperbot

You can get this item from arenas. I got 1 coin randomly from playing 3v3 rated games. Didn't know what it was for, so I came here searching for how to get more and where to spend it :)

Комментарий от NameLips

I just got one of these today from an Emissary chest.

But I got it literally 10 minutes after I got the Дипломат Расколотых островов achievement.

Is there a connection? Or is it a coincidence? Has anybody found one without that achievement?

Комментарий от AKPlayer

Yes they really need to REWORK this as it's clearly not working as intended.

I can't believe this drop rate is correct and if so those prices are correct.

At this rate they need to either DROP a Zero at the end of all those prices or seriously BUMP the drop rate of these coins down. They should be something like we had in MoP drop rates and I'm seeing maybe 1 coin a month at this rate (Running Stuff Daily).

Комментарий от M3neldur

Got 2 from Mythic Boss drops, spaced in like 2 weeks. At this rate, I will reach the fabulous sum of 5 or 6 by the end of the year

Комментарий от porfiria

I have 6 coin so i'm so lucky i guess.But I would love to change them with legendaries you know.

Комментарий от Ammathrel

I have 5 of these so far. Where I got them: world boss, emissary chest, the weekly order hall chest (the mythic+ one). Seems you can almost acquire it anywhere, but the drop chance is very low.. don't farm the coin itself, it will drive you insane! Just do your daily errands, sooner or later you will surely have the mount and the other goodies! Good luck! :)

Edit: I'm wondering why people keep downvoting this comment, I tried to be helpful o.O

Комментарий от friendofgnar

I just got my first two, two in a row from emissary chests. Maybe now you get one from emissary quests everyday? That would be cool, can anyone substantiate that?

Комментарий от Draket

Seems to drop from mythic, i had one drop from Serpentrix in Mythic Eye of Azshara.

Комментарий от Konuvis

So far I've played for 40 days, just got the 200 WQ achievement, ran a few mythics but not many and EN LFR. I have 1 coin.

Комментарий от Roqua

Everything smells like they are taking the piss outta Destiny.

I love it!

Комментарий от Iceveiled

Haven't missed a single world quest grouping since I turned 110 (5 days after legion launched) and have run my share of dungeons and have a whopping total of 1 curious coin. So yeah...probably never going to get that mount. At this rate that's one coin per month, so I'm looking forward to purchasing this mount in 2028.

Комментарий от Lindentree

I think the droprate on these may have been stealth buffed. I received my first Curious Coin yesterday, and my second just dropped today.

Комментарий от Lunyra

Done 1100 WQs and every single Cache WQ and only gotten 1 Coin so far.

I guess it will take 10 Years to get all rewards?

Комментарий от AnrDaemon

Here comes the Unobtanium of the WoW present.

Комментарий от Tsanov

Got 4 of these within 3 hours today. One from WQ cache, 3 from mythic dungeon bosses. The drop rate is definitely improved. Greatly.

Комментарий от Buhrian

Stealth buff? After only getting 4 of these in the entire expansion thus far I had 3 drop for me today (patch


Демантоидная "капля нефти" и Алмазная улица / Янтарь

На великолепной выставке в стиле классицизма собрались одиннадцать лучших ювелирных компаний России, которые специализируются в категории luxе: «Инталия», «JURA», «Демидовъ», «Фабрика Ювелирных Украшений», «Ника», «Грааль», «Моисейкин», «Свят-озеро», «Ювелэнд», «Петрозолото», а также и укаринская компания «Лобортас и Карпова».«Diamond Street» блистал как бриллиант самой высокой пробы. На «Алмазной улице» были собраны настоящие произведения искусства, ценные для любой частной коллекции. Выставленные образцы, и это подтвердили присутствовавшие на выставке эксперты, уникальны не только своей художественной составляющей, но и тем, что обладают исторической ценностью. Все украшения проекта - своеобразные музейные экспонаты, выполненные в сокровенных традициях русского ювелирного искусства в единственном экземпляре.

Публике была представлена легендарная «Капля нефти», выполненная в мастерской ювелирного дома «Моисейкин». Над уникальным изделием трудились в течение двух лет. И результат превзошел все ожидания. Темная масса долерита 55000 карат падает в золотую мантию, усыпанную 2000 бриллиантами!

"Капельку" долерита, которая имеет 2260 граней, окружает золотая мантия, инкрустированная не только бриллиантами в черненом серебре, а также изумрудами, рубинами, сапфирами и жемчугом. Драгоценное обрамление символизирует высокую значимость нефти для человека, равенство ее как полезного ископаемого с драгоценными камнями.

 «Черное золото» требует золотой оправы. Россыпь бриллиантов сверкает всеми цветами радуги - в настоящем сувенире использовано более полутора тысяч бриллиантов, и все они прошли тщательный контроль: даже самые маленькие из них содержат полную огранку 57 граней, поэтому так богато играют.

Темный цвет долерита – камня, из которого сложен Стоунхендж - с максимальной достоверностью передает темно-бурый нефтяной оттенок.

В золотой сетке посажены черные жемчужины, символизирующие родство нефти и морской стихии. Нефть, как и жемчуг, поднимается к нам со дна морей и океанов, олицетворяя дар морских глубин.


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Уральские мастера создали из кристалла каплю нефти, которая претендует на "Книгу рекордов Гиннесса"

Капля нефти выполнена из долерита,  вес которого равен 11 килограммам, или 55 000 карат. class="_">

Изделие уральских ювелиров претендует на место в "Книге рекордов Гиннесса". Экспонат "Капля нефти" заявлен как самый крупный в мире огранённый природный кристалл.

– Капля нефти выполнена из долерита, вес равен 11 килограммам, или 55 000 карат. На сегодняшний день этот камень является крупнейшим в мире огранённым кристаллом долерита. Самое большое число граней в мире, 2 260 граней, нанесённых на долерит, помогли придать ему безупречную классическую форму капли – огромная, кропотливая ручная работа талантливого огранщика продолжалась более полугода, – рассказали E1.RU в ювелирном доме Moiseikin.

Глава компании Виктор Моисейкин говорит, что данный экспонат уникален и бесценен. Сейчас сувенир "Капля нефти" на время будет представлен в Екатеринбурге на выставке Art of Russian Luxury в "Атриум Палас Отеле". В 2015 году ювелиры получат приглашение на церемонию вручения сертификата обладателя рекорда книги Гиннесса.

Создатели говорят, что кристаллы большого размера – редкое природное явление. И далеко не каждый из них обладает качеством и структурой, позволяющими стать объектом крупной огранки. 


Сейчас сувенир "Капля нефти" на время будет представлен в Екатеринбурге на выставке Art of Russian Luxury.class="_">